Not every white thing can be subjected to ordinary bleach. This is especially true of products made of artificial fabrics, so before you start the washing white clothes, look at the fabric composition.
The easiest way bleached products made of natural fabrics – linen, cotton. Soak them in ordinary soapy water with a small addition of ammonia, about 5 tablespoons per 10 liters of water. Alcohol eliminates magnesium salt, giving things a yellowish tinge.
For particularly stubborn stains, you can try to influence ordinary household White or any other bleach-based bleach. But be careful, White contributes to the decay of things, so don't use it too often.
Artificial fabric do not expose to bleach them, they turn yellow and permanently sereyut. Return the white color will help them soak all in the same soap solution with ammonia, but add in a bowl and 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide will react with water pollution and is literally in half an hour you will get a dazzling white linen.
Never wash whites and coloreds together, it hurts both. The more that modern washing powders industry has long been releasing special detergent for white linen, consisting of additives that promote the whitening and the light of their podsinivanija. Even our grandmothers knew that blue takes away from things a yellow hue, as a result they become even whiter.
If the machine accidentally got pink or yellow thing and painted white favorite clothes, do not despair. Most likely underwear can still be saved. Look for a special swipe, catching and absorbing the faded paint with ruined clothes. Just run the wash for one cycle along with a napkin, things will once again Shine white.