If you need to bleach cotton fabrics, try to wash them in the washing machine, adding to regular Laundry detergent booster Laundry detergent or powder optical Brightener (they are sold in the departments of household chemistry). Or when you start the machine, add a compartment for pre-wash liquid bleach – are now produced in a number of delicate bleaching agents that can be used when washing in an automatic car. In such cases, on the bottle of bleach contains instructions how much money you have to add in the wash, so as not to cause harm nor things, nor the washing machine.
To whiten things you usually wash by hand, you can put the already washed clothes or clothes in a container of hot and a very weak solution of potassium permanganate (the water should be slightly pink), adding a handful of washing powder. Then cover the bowl or bucket with plastic wrap and wait until the water cools. You just have to wash bleached things.
Return the white things with the help of hydrogen peroxide. Add the warm water a bit of bleach (to two liters of water – one teaspoon of three-percent solution) and a couple of tablespoons of ordinary baking soda, put some clothes there, and after fifteen or twenty minutes, the cloth will be white.