To maintain not only white, but also the texture of the fabric, before washing, carefully review the information that is "encrypted" manufacturers on the label. As a rule, there are the acceptable water temperature, the feasibility of manual or machine washing, adding bleach, etc.
If machine-wash, pour in a bath or basin of water, warmed to 40 degrees. Pour a small amount of washing powder and wait until it is completely dissolved. Dip shirt in water and leave for 20 minutes. If the cuffs, the sleeves, the inner side of the collar is very dirty, pre-soak them with water and then apply a gel detergent. If the shirt has a stain, treat it with stain remover in accordance with the instructions on the package. Then soak the whole thing as above. Do not leave the product lying in the water with the powder for half a day, it may spoil them. Do not use brushes, otherwise the cuffs or the collar is markedly old.
After soaking, gently, but very thoroughly rinse the shirt in clean cool water several times. The more often you change the water for rinsing, the cleaner your thing and the less "chemistry" will be there. Remove the shirt, but not squeeze, twisting. Immediately hang it on a hanger.
If you are using the machine washing, select the gentle cycle without drying. Never fill the machine to the top, otherwise white shirt doesn't stretch. If serious dirt thing should be soaked. After washing, immediately hang the wet shirt on a hanger. Do not wring, because then it will be difficult to iron. Check the condition of white clothes and do not allow to become too dirty. It is best to refresh it after each wear with warm water with a small amount of powder.