Purchase soap - antipyatin. It is sold in hardware stores and perfectly washes stains of different origin. For example, with the stain of beets on a white blouse will cope without problems.
Take a basin, pour in hot water and put the blouse. Add ammonia at the rate of 200 ml per 5 liters of water. Can you pour 150 ml of hydrogen peroxide, this will help keep the white color.
Apply an even layer to the stain toothpaste containing fluoride. After an hour wash thing soap and rinse thoroughly under room temperature water. Can use the washing machine, only pre-sasteria a stain on the blouse a vanish for whites.
Take the white blouse to the dry cleaners. With the help of special tools lead spot. Save the payment receipt, carefully inspect the blouse, when it becomes to pick her up. Should not show any new spots and the old needs to disappear without a trace.
Use a high-quality powder designed for whites. Pour the desired amount into the compartment of the washing machine or basin with water, additionally RUB into the stain remedy and leave on for 10 minutes, then otstiryvat as usual.
Pour 200 ml water and add 15 ml of ammonia and the same amount of hydrogen peroxide, soak in solution with a cotton swab and apply to the shirt, rinse with warm water. It will allow to remove ink stains. Or mix 1 tsp. stephantom and the same amount of ammonia (1:1), wash cloth and rinse off after five minutes. Ballpoint pen you can bring a paste of mustard, apply it on the contaminated place for 12-20 hours, then wash the thing in cold water. Soap use is not necessary.
Squeeze the juice of one lemon. This amount will be enough to remove traces of deodorant. Wash as usual. Turn the blouse inside out and DAB the stain with a cotton swab soaked in ammonia. Well, if you carry out the procedure in a room with an open window or outdoors. The smell can cause loss of consciousness.
Buy a good stain remover, it will cope with any stains almost instantly. Carefully read the instructions for use. To remove grease stains, take a dishwashing detergent, for example, Gala, Fairy. Print the contamination of these funds in exceptional cases, otherwise the shirt can change color. Apply the liquid on the stain and keep no more than five seconds, then rinse thoroughly with cool water. If you noticed that the size of spots has decreased, repeat.
Sprinkle salt, preferably fine grind at the stain from red wine or juice, pomegranate, beets, then RUB. Leave on for five minutes, whisk the spice and repeat the procedure again, until the disappearance of the spots.