Advice 1: How to whiten linen

After several washes clothes can lose the whiteness. The reason for this is that in the detergent composition there are substances that interact with salts, dissolved in hard water, form compounds deposited on the linen, forming a yellow or gray powder. This lingerie looks untidy to return him to the original white, linen must be bleached.
After several washes clothes can lose the whiteness
A great tool to make white washed linen – podsinivanija. The best blue is ultramarine. Powder ultramarine tie up in a handkerchief or any piece of loose matter and dip it in the water, which will acquire a bluish tint. Immerse the linen into the solution of Indigo, and then remove, squeeze and air dry.
There are a large number of powders which advertising promises the whitening of linen. But most often in the composition of detergents comprises an optical whiteners. Such substances absorb light rays and reflect them in the blue and violet spectrum, giving the underwear an optical effect of white. But such funds are not under force to remove spots and heavy soiling, you need to use special preparations.
You can buy ready-made bleach, thus be sure to carefully read the instructions for use and follow all recommendations. Increasing the dose means can cause damage to tissue. First dissolve the required amount of bleach in water and then put in a container with this solution linen. Particles of undiluted bleach, getting on the fabric can burn it.
Good bleaching properties of hydrogen peroxide, 3-s ' solution of which is sold in any pharmacy. To whiten linen you need in an enamel or aluminum cookware. 5 liters of water take 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, heat the solution to 60-80° and lower back wash to dry for 15-20 minutes. In this way a well-bleached cotton and linen fabrics. For uniform whitening, mix thoroughly linen. If you want to achieve a better effect, add in a solution of a tablespoon of ammonia.
Woolen and silk items, it is also possible to bleachusing hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Thus for the preparation of the bleaching solution per 5 liters of water also add 2 tbsp of peroxide and 1 tbsp. of ammonia, but the water temperature should not exceed 30-35°. After whitening, rinse the items in warm, then in cold water.
Do not use bleach in order to wash off rust stains, otherwise dissolving, rust will give a linen of yellow color, which is then unable to print anything.
Useful advice
Do not bleach linen too often. The active ingredients of the bleach and also corrode the fibers of the fabric, reducing its strength and reducing the period of use.

Advice 2: How to bleach hair peroxide

For some women, the question of how to lighten arm hair, is today a very relevant and important. Hydrogen peroxide is a harmless and effective tool with which you can make the hair lighter and shallower.
How to bleach hair peroxide
Before the procedure of bleaching of peroxide of hydrogen try not to wet and not to wash your hair during the day. It is important that the natural layer of fat to protect the skin and hair from the tool.
Purchase at the pharmacy 30% hydrogen peroxide and dilute it with warm normal water in the ratio 1:1. When handling this solution be very careful as it is very concentrated. Also, do not use metal utensils to dilution of hydrogen peroxide, as when oxygen and metal there is a risk of adverse chemical reaction.
In an ordinary porcelain bowl, mix 50 milliliters of diluted hydrogen peroxide, 10 ml of ammonia and ½ teaspoon of baking soda.
The taken amount of hydrogen peroxide depends on the structure and color of your hair. If they are thin, cook a less concentrated solution, if thick and durable – make a solution of higher concentration.
Before bleaching at the hands of test solution sensitivity to your skin. To do this, drop this mixture apply on the skin in the crook of the elbow on the inner side and wait 5-10 minutes. If after this procedure the skin redness has appeared, you can safely start the process of clarification.
With a cotton swab to gently coat the hair with this mixture, and RUB the remedy into the skin is not necessary. Leave for 40-60 minutes and rinse with warm water.
After treatment with hydrogen peroxide, you may feel a slight burning sensation. Don't worry, in a few minutes it will pass. Brush your hands regular baby cream.
After clarification of hair on hands with hydrogen peroxide they become soft, thin and almost invisible.
If you have the similar solutions an allergic reaction, refrain from this method of clarification, because health still more expensive.
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