How to calculate the angle of the stairs

Developing the design of the staircase, determine the place where it will be located and the area it will occupy. The question of how many steps there will be and at what angle it will be located, is solved taking into account ergonomic factors. Stairs – the design, which is constantly will benefit your household, so it is very important that she was safe and comfortable for people of all ages – both for children and for the elderly.

How comfortable will the descent and ascent of the stairs depends not only on the height and width of treads and most stair construction, but also from the angle of inclination. In the General case, to calculate it, use the dependence obtained empirically:
2h+b=62-64 cm, where h is the distance between levels on the vertical, b is the width of the tread in the light, i.e., the step width in the vertical projection.

Based on this ratio, a convenient angle of inclination is 30 to 45 ° standard height of the steps 17 to 19 cm and the tread width 25-35 cm These specifications ladders are recognized as the most comfortable and safe. With a ceiling height of 2.5 meters length straight ladder, the angle of which is about 35-40o, is approximately equal to three meters. However, in the case where the room area and ceiling height are not very large, the angle of ascent-descent steps can be reduced to 40, but this design would not be very convenient. The stairs, the angle of which exceeds 45°, it is possible to use only if to climb up and down the face to the steps, holding the railing.

Types of designs of staircases

To maintain the required angle of the stair, using different constructive solutions. Marching single-span stairs, the angle of which is very large, it is possible to "break", for example, for two spaces, saving space by placing under a turning staircase of some storeroom. The number of steps in each flight shall be from 3 to 15 to the ascent and descent were comfortable.

If stairwells are small and want to save space in the room, can be installed between floors, a winding staircase, which will look great in the center of the room and the wall in the corner. Such stairs were easy to use, its width of treads shall be not less than 20 cm, but not more than 40 cm, and a height not to exceed three meters. The diameter of such structures usually does not exceed two meters. Comfortable for use of this ladder angle is also equal to 35-40o.