What is the slope? It is the angle of the slope relative to the horizontal surface. The roof slope is steeper, the higher the angle. It in construction is measured in the value of the tangent in the ratio of the height to the base of a right triangle is one in five. Percentage ordinarily, the slopes with a small angle, the so-called small slopes (e.g., flat roofs).
Slopes are measured using such a device as the slope of theOmer.It is a rail attached to the frame. In the area of the slats between the bars is the axis to which the pendulum is suspended. The pendulum consists of two rings, plates, a sinker and a pointer. The sinker is moving between the rails with the cutouts. On the inside of the neckline is a scale with tick marks. If the pointer coincides with the zero of the scale, the rail is in a horizontal position.
The slope of the roof is selected in accordance with the material used. Given the amount of precipitation in the area, either increase or decrease. The angle of the slopeand varies usually in the range of from ten degrees to sixty degrees. The steeper the roof the more it will require materials for construction.
In determining the slope ofa roof rail , the slopeof the Omer a right angle to the ridge. The pointer of the pendulum in this case will show the required value in degrees. These readings can be transferred into a percentage by using a special schedule.
There is another way, theoretical. It is that to determine the value of slopeand using the formula. In this case, you must know the height of the ridge from the attic floor and the length of the roof. The formula will look like this: Y=VC Dz/2, where U is the magnitude of the biasand VC is the height of the ridge, Dz is the length of the laying of the roof. If multiply the result by one hundred, you can get the value of the slope isa percentage.