You will need
  • Permission for construction of the permanent facility; the document proving the right of land use; the document proving the identity of the applicant; the document confirming payment of the state duty for state registration; state registration of rights.
Get ready for what is usually almost any building, the construction of which is not over, sooner or later will require from the owner the extra effort. In particular, what is already built – the Foundation box home – it has to be in the form of unfinished construction. This will need to take out a Bank loan, and in order to sell the property.
Keep in mind that construction in progress (often referred to as unfinished or "unfinished") in 2004 were attributed by laws to real estate. They were added to the Civil code of the Russian Federation on the basis of strong ties with the land.
Don't forget about all the possible nuances in registration of ownership in these properties. Clearly distinguish the circumstances under which a set of building materials can already be considered a new object of immovable property. This significant fact affects the application of certain rules of law.
If you have a permit for the construction ofthe document for the right to use the land, to register the unfinished house much easier. Without these documents the object under construction can not exist. And their presence confirms that the building cannot be included in the category of "unauthorized construction".
If you were a construction according to the construction contract, in this case a legally binding termination of such agreement in accordance with the Civil code of the Russian Federation is considered the moment of occurrence of the object under construction.
If a house you built yourself, it can also be regarded as an unfinished estate. To do this, write an application, pay a state fee, take the passport, the certificate on the property right (in perpetuity, lifetime inheritable possession) to the land plot or the agreement on its lease, and the resolution of the relevant Executive authorities to carry out construction on the land plot, issued in accordance with the requirements of the town planning code of the Russian Federation.
Bring the documents to the registration chamber. Get ready to check may be required and other documents. For example, the description of the object under construction, made by the authorized body of technical records, or documents which confirm the applicant's right to object, if the construction was equity.