You will need
  • - your passport, seller and witnesses;
  • - the contract;
  • - the receipt of funds;
  • - the notarial power of attorney.
To buy a garagethat is not in the ownership, apply for a General notarial power of attorney, the validity of which is 3 years.
Enclose a written contract of sale specifying the subject of the contract, prices and all terms of purchase. Invite two witnesses on the part of the seller and two witnesses from his side. Under the contract ask them to put a signature and passport details.
Money for the garage to give in the presence of witnesses. Ask the seller to write a receipt that he received the whole amount of money for selling the garage, which is not in the ownership. Also indicate in the receipt that in the future will not have problems on registration of immovable property to the buyer, and if they occur, then the former owner will take all measures for their legal settlement.
Even this form of a receipt does not guarantee that in the future a garage will not show up for their rights with others. Because if you're not deed, at any time may declare persons who apply for real estate and have every right (article 2965, 3075). You can submit a reference from drug abuse dispensary, at the time of writing the contract and receipts, your seller was in a deranged state, and was recognized as court incapacitated.
Therefore, the most safe to buy a garage from the owner and to execute all documents at the notary, who must verify that the seller is sane, capable and all documents for the transaction is genuine.
But if you still dare to buy property with unregistered rights of ownership, then immediately start the procedure of registration of ownership. To do this, swipe the land plot under the garageom, please fill out the cadastral passport on the ground and the garage, will get account statements and register their rights of ownership in PPRC.