You will need
  • - harmonization of new buildings with all the state bodies;
  • - the cadastral passport and a plan.
To enter the building contact the authorities of state construction in their region with the statement. Attach to the application a draft and a sketch of the structure, construction certificate, building permit.
You will also need to obtain the act of acceptance of the housing Commission, which works in each district municipality. Coordinate construction project with the fire control of the area. To do this, call the authorized representatives and get the act of agreeing, confirming the permission to building input in operation.
Please contact your regional municipal services. You will be given permission to enter the structure in operation. Get approval in all the networking utilities. That is, if your building is connected to gas, the permission to commissioning will get from suppliers. Also, you must obtain permission from the regional power supply network.
Coordinate all documents with the Department of architecture and urban planning, check the resolution of the head of the local administration and the documents and photocopies imagine for consideration in the regional bodies of the state Inspectorate. You will receive a decision on putting the building into operation.
With all the documents, please contact the BTI. Send a request for a call to a technician. Based on the inspection of buildings for them will be technical documents, draw up a cadastral plan and passport, and will assign a number and mail address, if up to this point you didn't have it.
Get the extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the cadastral plan. Contact PPRC, fill in the application form, provide all documents and photocopies. In one month you will be given a certificate of ownership.
This is not the case with the commissioning of facilities built illegally, i.e. without permission. The process of obtaining all permits is exactly the same as specified, but if some of the Executive authorities or the authorities refuse to issue a permit, for example due to the fact that the facility is built on the important networks of the city or district, contact the court of Arbitration. Often, even in court you cannot enter an unauthorized construction into operation and they may be forced to carry forcibly.
So never take chances and not to erect any buildings without the permission of the Department of architecture and urban planning.