You will need
  • - a certificate of ownership to the land plot;
  • - cadastral extract on the land;
  • - construction passport;
  • - construction permit;
  • - project documentation;
  • - technical description of the facility;
  • - a statement in regcenter;
  • - receipt of payment for the registration;
  • - the passport of the transaction parties;
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
To place the unfinished property, it is necessary to prepare a package of documents on the basis of which will conduct state registration at the Federal registration centre.
The object must be the construction certificate and the construction permit obtained from the district Department of architecture and urban planning. The land on which is located the object under construction should be decorated in the property. If the land is leased, obtain a decree in the local administration, cadastral extract of the land Committee and register the right of ownership by submitting the documents and the application to the registration center.
The description of the object in the form in which it is at the time of registration, conducts technical officer of BTI. Apply, you will come to the authorized representative of the Bureau of technical inventory, examine the object and make its technical description at the time of registration.
The registration centre apply, technical details, construction certificate, construction permit, design documentation for building and engineering communications, certificate of ownership of the land, pay the state fee for the registration. Based on the submitted documents the construction in progress will be registered. Only after obtaining ownership rights you will be able to sell it.
The sale is in a General manner. Sign a contract, act of transfer and acceptance. If the ownership is registered on a few people or you started building, being in registered marriage, pre-get a notarized authorization from all owners and the spouse.
Prepared documents filed in regcenter for registration of ownership rights to new owners.