In different regions has its own procedure of issuing a building permit, therefore, the number of instruments to be issued depends on where the house will be built. However, there is a rough list of documents and procedure of their registration. It should be remembered that the documentation for the construction is valid for only two years, during this time, it is necessary to start construction, otherwise all the documents will have to collect again.
If you are planning to build a house on an individual site outside the city limits, must apply to the Executive authority, taking with them a document confirming the right to use the land, a passport, a copy of the project and the statement with the request to allow the construction. If you were involved in the project organization, you should add a copy of her license.
After this you need to make the act of establishing the boundaries of your land, which is geoazur district Committee for architecture. The act includes a breakdown of structures and the axis of the building.
If you are going to build a house in the cottage, even in the case where the architectural standards are met, you will need to coordinate the project with neighbors. If the land was acquired with growing green plants, they can only be removed after permission obtained from the forest Inspectorate area.
Giving layout of buildings on the land, it will be possible to obtain construction certificate. To align it you will need to bring sanitary and fire inspection, and approval of the plan of carrying out overhead and underground utilities.
In case of change of construction plan during the works, for example, when the construction site is reduced or ideas to add new items, you will need permission of the chief architect. Otherwise, the interdepartmental Commission, host construction, you will see the difference. If the difference between the initial plan and the existing building will exceed 10%, the owner faces a fine.
After all construction works have to obtain confirmation from the interagency Commission that the building meets the stated project. The administration will have to consider the matter, after which the house will be put into operation, and to obtain a certificate of liability.