You will need
  • - passport,
  • - the documents confirming the right of ownership of the house.
Contact the municipal administration regarding the land plot in property. Write the application addressed to the head of administration in the prescribed form. Attach to the application a copy of the passport, documents on a house (technical, cadastral passport, the document confirming the right of ownership of the house). In the administration of a special Commission on land issues. Your statement is given to its consideration. After that the property will send you a written response that the site you may be given, it is necessary to make spatial (boundary) case.
Please contact the organization, zanimalsya the land division. It is possible to find advertisements in Newspapers, on the Internet, you can ask the neighbors, friends and acquaintances. Write an application to hold a subdivision of land, will attach the written response of the administration; if required, provide other documents. Then you assign the day to your site will leave specialist survey. Better to this day during the specialist was attended by the neighbors adjacent parcels and representatives of the administration of the settlement, in order to avoid later disagreements over the establishment of boundaries. Then within the period designated by the expert, prepared the landmark case. The period of preparation may be from two weeks to two months, depending on the thickness of your wallet. That is, the faster you have to do the paperwork, the more expensive it will cost you the cost of surveying.
Sign the act of separation of the land from the owners of neighboring properties and the district administration. Copies of this document you will be given in the same organization where you ordered the survey. The act of demarcation of land will be included in the boundary case. Provide a copy of the case furnished to the administration of the municipality. On the appointed day you will be given ruling authority to grant you the ownership of the land.
Refer to the resolution of administration and a copy of a surveying business in territorial Department of management of Federal Agency of real estate cadastre for the cadastral passport of the land plot. In addition, you will need the certificate of your private home mailing address. It is made in the administration of municipal formation on the basis of your application and documents proving your ownership of the house.
Contact the Committee on management of municipal property with the decision of the authority to grant you the ownership of land, cadastral passport of the land plot, an instance of the surveying business, certificate home mailing address. GUMI obliged to conclude the contract of purchase and sale, as under current law, the land you have to buy out of state. When calculating the contract price, the cadastral value of the land multiplied by the approved percentage set for this category of land on the date of conclusion of the contract.
Pay the value of the land specified in the contract of sale. After providing payment receipt, sign the transfer certificate for the land plot drawn up in several copies. Now your right of ownership to land is subject to state registration in Federal registration service. Provide the Registrar with contract of sale of land, a copy of the deed of transfer, cadastral passport of the land, receipt of payment of registration fee. Specify a detailed list of the documents before feeding them to the FRS. The receptionist will give you a receipt for the documents, appoint a day, when registration will be closed. If all is issued right at the appointed time you will receive, finally, the certificate of ownership of the land.