You will need
  • - your passport;
  • - the available documents on the house;
  • - construction passport;
  • resolution chief architect of the district;
  • - extract from the cadastral passport and copy of cadastral plan;
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
If you have built an extension to the main structure on the basis of regulatory approvals from the Department of architecture and urban planning, you have a project and a sketch of extension and engineering services, for the registration of ownership you must submit documents to FPRC.
On the basis of Federal law 122 on the registration of the ownership rights you have to renew the cadastral certificate and cadastral plan in accordance with the modifications. Please contact BTI, send a request to call a technician. Based on the technical papers and visual inspection of built-out space you will produce new technical documents submitted with plan and description of the extension, revise the cadastral plan and passport.
Get extracts from these documents, apply, FPRC, pay a fee for registration. After 30 days your extension will be registered. In fact, you will receive a new certificate of ownership for the main structure, which will include the extension.
If the extension is erected illegally, then you will have to produce the procedure of registration of illegal construction, regulated by the Federal law 169, article 222 of the civil code. If the extension is erected before October 30, 20001 year, you can use the 93 Federal law on the simplified procedure of registration.
To issue an extension on a General basis, if you built after 2001, please contact the Department of architecture and urban planning, please submit a statement about the design of the extension.
Call the architect. On the basis of existing structures you will draft, sketch, outbuildings and utilities. Agree to the district utility service, fire brigade, SES administration. Present obtained the approval of the Department of architecture. On their basis you will be given the permission for legal registration of the extension. As the Annex is not the primary structure and all communications are conducted on existing permissions, to coordinate them with the suppliers of energy resources and thermal resources is not necessary. Next, make a clearance in the usual way as if you just got the permission to build outbuildings.
For the simplified registration of an extension, immediately contact the BTI. Call a technician. On the basis of the examination of the structure you prepare all the necessary documents which you will take statements and will register the right of ownership in PPRC.