You will need
  • Documents of the company or educational institution, address of institution or school, documents, employee, or graduate, A4 paper, pen.
In the top left corner recommendation letters enter the full and abbreviated name of your company in accordance with the constituent documents or a surname, name, patronymic of a physical person in accordance with the identity document, if the firm is an individual entrepreneur. When the document is compiled in an educational institution by a graduate, write the name of the school. Specify the address of the actual location of the company (postcode, region, city, settlement, street, house number, building), place of residence individual business line with residence permit in his passport (postcode, region, city, locality, house number, buildings, apartments), the address of the location of the educational institution. Enter the contact phone number of your organization, give the document reference number and date.
In the middle of the sheet write the name of the recommendation letter with a capital letter. In the first paragraph of document specify the surname, name, patronymic of the recommended employee or graduate schools. Enter the duration of this skill in your company, job title and start date and end date of the educational institution, its name and the name of the profession received by the employee during training in it. If the letter is written on behalf of educational institutions, write its name, the years of training, the name of the specialty.
The second item, specify skills that showed the employee during the employment in your enterprise. If the document is prepared at the graduate educational institutions, write down what theoretical and practical skills received the citizen while studying in the school.
The third paragraph insert the ability of the technician to perform his duties. When writing a letter of recommendation on behalf of an educational institution, specify the relation of this to the graduate school.
The fourth paragraph should indicate the personal and human qualities of the worker, a background in dealing with the team.
A letter of recommendation signed by the Director of the enterprise, of the institution, his Deputy or the head of the structural unit, indicating positions, surnames, initials, sealed by organizations, and educational institutions.