You will need
  • Business plan, room, start-up capital, access to suppliers.
Make a business plan. Select the niche of tuning, in which you will be able to provide high-quality services. This may be the tuning of engines and modernization of the driving qualities of the car, interior tuning, installation of audio or upgrading appearance. In the future, starting from the selected activities, it will be possible to find a more appropriate space to purchase and install the necessary equipment and hire specialists.
Find the appropriate space. The fact that in almost every city there is a garage in which to install the Chinese spoilers or wheels. But for the tuning-Atelier this little. Therefore, the room will have to find proper: it should fit up to 10 cars, and so was the access to test installations and observation wells. Plus, should attend the demo room where the customer will be able to see any body parts or assemblies, and it also needs a lot of space. Don't forget about the room for staff and for customers. Location tyuning-ATEL also plays an important role – a nondescript three-story building, standing in the garage cooperative on the outskirts of the city, will not cause trust.
Set up relationships with suppliers. To purchase in advance all the parts, body parts, electronics, etc. will Be expensive, but to hold customers is not worth it. If your city does not have the car stock, then find out where it is in nearby cities. Request a trial batch demonstration room and agree on a delivery time.
Employ the staff. Place ads in Newspapers or on career sites. You can also search for work in the garages or service stations. But remember that if a mechanic can be hired, presenting a diploma of the College and verifying the experience, then welcome the artists involved in the airbrush, is to hold a portfolio.
Contact the advertising Agency for the promotion of your tuning-Atelier. Usually the opening of major establishments of this type causes a lot of attention and in the case of providing you quality services and get good feedback from clients, the work you will not deprived.