If you decide to create Atelier, you probably already thought about how, in what form it is better to register. Atelier - a small business, a legal entity under the it is not necessary, especially if you create it alone, without partners. On the other hand, the sole proprietor bears more serious responsibility than a legal entity.
Responsibility - the main difference between a legal entity (LLC) and sole proprietorship (SP). The PI is responsible before the law with all their property (which is personal, i.e. including the house, car, etc.). OOO is responsible only for its share in the Charter capital, although in bankruptcy in the event of insufficient assets of the LLC may be charged with vicarious liability for its obligations.
The design Atelier in the form of company is as follows: you collect the documents indicated below, pay stamp duty, which currently is 4000 rubles, and submit the documents and receipt of duty payment in the tax Inspectorate (in Moscow's tax Inspectorate No. 46). Registration takes an average week. Documents it requires the following:
1. The application for registration certified by a notary (can be downloaded here:;
2. The documents for the founders, Director and chief accountant;
3. Receipt about payment of state duty;
4. The decision on the establishment of the LLC;
5. The Charter of the LLC;
6. The Treaty establishing the LLC.
The last three documents must be notarized.Authorized capital currently is 10,000 RUB. It must be put into a Bank account specially opened for the company. You must also order prints LLC.
For registration as individual entrepreneur, you must contact the tax office at the place of residence and submit:
1. The application for state registration notarized (you can download it here:;
2. Copies of personal documents certified by a notary;
3. Receipt for payment of the state duty of 800 rubles).
Produce print IP is not required, however it is usually needed.
Your Atelier can start working from the moment of state registration of the LLC or you as SP. Thus, on the date of state registration of the Atelier can be considered legally binding.