Competition in this field today is quite serious, since the recent abolition of compulsory licensing has significantly increased the number of functioning stations. Every newcomer in order to avoid problems and misunderstandings, you should know some features of this type of business.

  1. To ensure that the service was urgent, you first need to choose the right place to build it. The area of the chosen site should ideally be at least 4 acres. Remember that construction of a service center according to your requirements, you can start at a minimum distance of 50 meters from any residential homes. Permission for construction of a service center shall be certified by a number of various instances and fire service, traffic police station level.

  2. To the business was profitable, you need to choose a place for service so that it is aligned as close as possible to major highways, roads, intersections — in this case about your services finds out a greater number of motorists. In addition, a necessary condition for the successful functioning of the service is the availability of a centralized Sewerage system.

  3. The land for the construction of service centers can be redeemed, but you can rent. But apart from the plot, it is necessary to take care of the appropriate equipment and specialists who will have to work. Experienced mechanics will never agree to work for nothing, but the professionals better not to save.

  4. The next step will be to buy a lift. The market today, you can find both imported and domestic lifts — choose the one that best fits your needs and financial possibilities.

  5. Opening the service, you must provide in advance the range of work that you plan to offer to customers. As practice shows, the most popular are services such as: wheel balancing, clutch replacement, engine repair, restoration of car body. So before you open the service center, be sure to write a detailed business plan which should take into account all costs of construction of stations and purchase of equipment and identifies actions to improve the profitability of the project.