You will need
  • - business plan;
  • - registration and licensing documents;
  • premises;
  • - furniture and office equipment;
  • - the contract with the insurance company;
  • - employees;
  • advertising.
Select the company ,branch which you would like to access and engage in contractual relationships. As a rule, the parent firm offers to buy her franchise, and in return provides the necessary set of documents, the product, brand and other assistance at all stages of the work.
To open a branch of an insurance company must register the legal entity. Any suitable form: LLC, CJSC, JSC or mutual insurance society.
For the effective investment of funds in the business make a business plan. It can be useful in case you need the loan money.
Insurance – type of activity subject to mandatory licensing. To apply for a competition license, you must collect a set of documents: constituent documents, rates and insurance standards, business plan, proof of the Director General. It is necessary to write the application and pay the state fee. Generally, the actuarial calculations of the rates and rules of insurance for each type of activity provides the parent company.
Pick up the office space. It must be placed in electable place in the city centre. Issued office strictly business style.
You'll need a client Manager and a network of insurance agents. Staff create all conditions for effective work: offer training, full benefits package, good reward.
Direct advertising is usually the insurance does not work. But this does not mean you have to abandon it. It is mandatory outdoor advertising – signage, pillars, banners, corporate style. In addition, it is desirable to place posters and flyers in places where your potential customers. For example, is a hull and CTP in car dealerships, inspection stations, traffic police, and advertising property insurance in estate Agency.