All species of birds females lay eggs. The chicken is undoubtedly a bird, so she has to carry eggs. It turns out that the cock for the production of chicken eggs is not so necessary. Chick perfectly well without his participation, if healthy. Germinal cells in the body homemade chicken formed continuously. If the bird to hold and comfort, to provide the desired nutrition and good care, these cells become full of eggs. In summer a hen could carry one egg a day.To have hens Chicks appeared, they will need the rooster to fertilize the embryos. Interestingly, one act of male inseminates the hen for 8-10 days in advance. Of these eggs, keeping them warm and hatch the babies.Egg is fully formed in the body of the chicken 22-25 hours a day. The hardest part of this difficult matter for laying hens is to find in your body two grams of calcium for the shell. In 16 hours of production, a chicken must find 125 milligrams of this element per hour. But scientists have found that the body of the bird contains a total of 25-30 milligrams of calcium. Where it produces so much building material for eggs? Trying to get an answer to this question, the researchers deprived the control group of laying hens calcium in the diet. But the shell of the eggs laid by these birds did not differ from the shell, which made chickens, not participating in the experiment and not suffering from a reduced diet.It turns out that in the body of the chicken occur in alchemical processes to transform one element into another! Getting food in a different set of substances, the hen through the mysterious processes occurring in her body, producing her the necessary calcium. Here are the difficulties we have to overcome this pet bird to supply you with fresh eggson Breakfast.