At the initial stage, contact the transport authority for obtaining a license for this activity. To do this, collect and provide the following documents: application, Charter of the company, banking details, lease or joint activities, help the SES, fire service permission (for welding), the order on appointment of persons responsible for safety, maintenance and repair, a copy of the workbook (diploma), certificate of compliance and certificate STI.When you rent garage, was in Komimuschestvo, contact the superintendent to get permission to use the garage as an auto repair shop; after you complete your contract on the rent of the building. If the garage is not capital, and illegally constructed, please also refer to the prefect to obtain gradonacelnika for work service. If the garage belongs to a private person, sign a contract with him.After clearance of land for your company, start to develop project documentation, which mandatory include a section "environmental Protection", because when you start work service Department "environmental Hygiene" should prepare a report, in accordance with which the decision on the permission of doing business. This unit is assessed acceptable standards of safety and waste disposal, conditions of formation and discharge of waste water, emissions of harmful substances.Parallel with the above work will receive a certificate of compliance – a document conform to the requirements of GOST. For that apply, then sign a contract for certification services, since certification is subject to every kind of work where a license is required. The principal works: can-welding; tire mounting and balancing, installation and dismantling, painting, electrical, control and diagnostic, lubrication and filling; repair of engines; checking and adjusting brakes, fuel equipment; repair of brake system, steering; repair and charge the batteries. During the certification of several types of activities there is a discount system, ie the more you certify, the cheaper it will be for you business.If verification of the various organs there are any flaws, then fixing them given six months. Never forget that, first and foremost, you are interested in quality work your company.