First steps

Like any business, the opening of the Shoe store should start with preparing a business plan. It is not necessary to entrust this work to third parties – much more useful for the result to do all Analytics themselves.

The success of a business plan depends largely on the objectivity of the views of the entrepreneur and the accuracy of the calculations. Not to be mistaken with the numbers, you should focus on two key issues: range and rental.

Search providers

Successful Shoe store offers a wide assortment, affordable prices and a constantly updated model range. It would seem, what could be simpler than this formula? To implement this plan is not so simple.

To ensure stable consumer love and recognition from dozens of other Shoe stores, you need to find regular suppliers of goods. It is best to cooperate directly with factories-manufacturers. In sight of all the domestic and foreign factories of famous brands, completely unknown producers and new entrants to the market.

To find information about potential suppliers on the Internet, at exhibitions and in Newspapers ads.

Providers should know which trading companies they cooperate in the region or city where you plan the store opening. If not, then perhaps the partners were in the past. In this case, a prudent businessman must find out why the relationship was terminated – the insolvency of the shop, low demand for products or something else. If the provider starts to equivocate, it is likely that products simply had a low quality, which accordingly affected the turnover.

The search space

The success of a Shoe store largely depends on road location. This axiomatic truth, you know the competitors and landlords, so to get "place in the sun" is to prepare to fight.

First and foremost, you should create a list of all the attractive places to rent, distributed them by groups:

  • The most preferred. This group includes large shopping centres with high traffic, which is reflected not only in the commercial proposal, but is clearly visible on the stable operation of the anchor tenants.
  • Average. Regional shopping centers with an average permeability, the presence of shops of clothes, shoes and leather goods. The more the shopping center the shops of the accompanying goods, the better.
  • Low. Small shopping centers, stationary stores with free space.

To compile a business plan sufficient to identify the range of proposals.

The study should begin with the first group. Handling of request for rental space issued by the official request on behalf of the company or SP, stamped, signed and addressed to the Director General of the shopping center or Manager. You should be prepared for the fact that the landlord may make special demands in the form of successful trading experience, work experience, legal person, etc.

If the request for a prevailing experience for the landlord, it is possible to consider the purchase of an existing legal entity. If not, you can safely register a new IE or LLC with NACE 52.43 Retail sale of footwear and leather goods".

But for those entrepreneurs who do not meet all the requirements of the lessor, do not despair – the application should be sent in any case to get to the reserve.

While being approved for the first group, it's time to be sequenced options from the second and third groups. Information on the number of positive responses will gradually allow you to submit a picture of the proposal from the tenants. Proceeding from it, and should make the decision about the lease.


Trade is specialization for personnel. Find the perfect seller of shoes and sandals is quite difficult. Therefore it is better to take the time and money to train your sales team-dreams.

Practice shows that the main motivation of the sellers is a financial incentive for quality and efficient work. Not be amiss to set the payout percentage for every sold pair, or for the execution of the monthly plan.

It is important that the sellers of the shoes is its appearance showed high quality products. You should not spare the discounts for staff – let the sellers get pleasurable model with a discount, in installments or on account of salaries. This will allow the workers their appearance to demonstrate the high quality and aesthetic advantages of the product. In other words, consumers don't like it when they are trying to sell expensive shoes girl in shabby sneakers.