Consider what furniture you will sell. This may be parts for domestic cars or foreign cars. At the first stage it is better not to include in the range of a large number of goods and to wait for the enterprise into profit.
Create a business plan. Set all the main aspects of the business including services offered, products, staff, activities at the facility and, of course, the main goal. Post here your resume, describe the methods by which you will be guided. Specify information about the structure of the company, its management, sources of funding.
Get business license at the place of residence. Contact the IRS to obtain a taxpayer identification number. Open a legal Bank account. Find out if you have the opportunity of obtaining the loan. Show the Bank your business plan on the basis of which he will be made the decision. Get all the necessary trading permissions. Contact the chamber of Commerce in your city and find out which ones you need and how to get them.
Select a suitable location for business. Post it would be best, for example, in the Mall, in any way related to auto, or in close proximity gas stations, etc. come up with an interesting sign, and can begin to open your company. Shop for parts sales needs to be large enough to have attention-grabbing signage, Parking and, possibly, glass display cases to showcase products.
Order necessary parts from suppliers. To do this, find out the contact numbers of nearby dealers. Hire employees if necessary. Organize Grand opening. Create a website or page in social networks to spread information about your store.