You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • - testimony of IP, or Yule;
  • - receipt of payment for participation in the auction.
You can get land fast enough out of turn, if you take part in the auction. For auction are transmitted to the stations in the rent to citizens for the construction, including objects for business. The construction of the store falls into this category.
For participation in auction apply to the district administration, to present the passport, the certificate of the individual entrepreneur or Yul. You will also need to make 12-15% from the initial price of the land stated in the auction.
About the beginning of the auction you will be notified by the representatives of the land Committee of the administration of pre-written. Wins the auction is someone who will offer great price for the right to rent land. If you are unable to win the auction, you can participate in the next auction or to get back the pre-paid amount.
In the case of winning the auction, you will sign a lease for a definite period during which you must build a shop and put it into operation. If you are unable to complete construction within the time frame, the amount of rent for the land would rise several times. Lease terms can be arbitrary and the administration finds them at their own discretion, often not more than 5 years.
The lease is subject to state registration in the Federal Office of the state registration center. You need to contact the centre, a statement, a passport, a contract and a photocopy.
After the completion of the shop the land will be transferred to you in the property for 2.5% of the cadastral value.
If you do not plan to participate in the auction, to obtain land for the construction of the store can in the common queue, which can take several years.
For the production of all you will need to submit to the administration a statement to show the passport and the certificate of the individual entrepreneur or Yul. The land will be transferred to you in rent. In three years you will be able to get it into the property of preferential conditions for the cadastral value.