Advice 1: How to program speed dial

Speed dial in the phone facilitates the user with a list of contacts. This feature is present in almost each model of the mobile device, the first button is usually responsible for call center voice mail.
How to program speed dial
Open your phone's menu, responsible for the contacts list. Go to quick setand the subscriber's number and click from one to nine (in some cases from two to nine). Enter the user number you want to install the shortcut if it previously was included in the list of the phonebook, select a contact number. Do the same for the other subscribers who call the most.
If your phone has a room accounting for room cells, note the numbers assigned to certain subscribers. Then in idle mode, enter the location number and press the button with the icon grid. Then on the screen of your mobile device should display a contact and a list of actions that you can do about it. This feature is available mainly to owners of older mobile phones.
In idle mode, begin to spell the name of the contact listed in your phone book. In this case the screen will gradually emerge as a setand some contacts from the list, select it using the arrow buttons up and down.
Click the send call, if you want to make a regular voice call. If you want to make a video call or send a TEXT message, select one of the actions in the context menu of the contact. This option is available mainly for owners of Nokia mobile devices.
If you want to add contacts to speed dialand home phone, act similarly – make the caller in your phone book and select fast dial those whom you call most often. For detailed instructions please read the user manual of the phone that comes bundled with the camera upon purchase because the sequence for different models can differ a lot.
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Advice 2: How to learn Hebrew fast

Israel is a wonderful country. You go there to relax or want to go there permanently? Maybe in your family there are Jews and you don't speak the native language. Reasons to learn this beautiful language a lot.
How to learn Hebrew fast
You will need
  • - textbooks and manuals in Hebrew;
  • dictionary;
  • - the Internet, where you can find audio/video materials and training programs;
  • - the notebook.
The easiest way to learn Hebrew quickly is to hire a competent tutor, who himself is fluent in that language. It will cost you not very cheap, but you will quickly begin to speak the language.
However, you need to understand what is important to you: the process or result. Many institutions offer courses in Hebrew. But group classes are unlikely to be useful to you, because teachers are mostly focused on the process. That is, it is important to read lectures, to conduct practical classes. They will not control the process of mastering your language, don't know whether you practice in communication.
The tutor in this respect advantageous, although training with him, you will probably will cost more. The tutor focuses primarily on the result. It will not only carry you the practical classes, but also to track your progress. If studying Hebrewand will cause you difficulties, the tutor will make every effort to help you overcome these difficulties.
If you have no funds to hire a competent and experienced tutor, online help. Today, the scope of various resources you will find many online lessons to learn any language. This method will allow you to expand your vocabulary, master the grammar of the language and understand the language of Stroy Hebrew.
In addition to online textbooks and lessons, on the Internet you can find various games for language learning. With their help, you will broaden your vocabulary and will master the correct pronunciation, which often causes difficulties for the students.
However, with all the advantages of the above methods is the best method of mastering Hebrewom remains the practice. If you have the opportunity, find native speakers in your city. If not, go direct to the country of the target language. Several months to study Hebrewand the language environment will be enough. Communicate in Hebrewe as much as possible, and the result will not keep itself waiting long.
And, of course, Central to the study of Hebrewas well as any other language, is perseverance and patience. If these qualities are inherent in you, learning languages is not going to cause you too much difficulty.
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