Open your phone's menu, responsible for the contacts list. Go to quick setand the subscriber's number and click from one to nine (in some cases from two to nine). Enter the user number you want to install the shortcut if it previously was included in the list of the phonebook, select a contact number. Do the same for the other subscribers who call the most.
If your phone has a room accounting for room cells, note the numbers assigned to certain subscribers. Then in idle mode, enter the location number and press the button with the icon grid. Then on the screen of your mobile device should display a contact and a list of actions that you can do about it. This feature is available mainly to owners of older mobile phones.
In idle mode, begin to spell the name of the contact listed in your phone book. In this case the screen will gradually emerge as a setand some contacts from the list, select it using the arrow buttons up and down.
Click the send call, if you want to make a regular voice call. If you want to make a video call or send a TEXT message, select one of the actions in the context menu of the contact. This option is available mainly for owners of Nokia mobile devices.
If you want to add contacts to speed dialand home phone, act similarly – make the caller in your phone book and select fast dial those whom you call most often. For detailed instructions please read the user manual of the phone that comes bundled with the camera upon purchase because the sequence for different models can differ a lot.