Run the program MO Excel, create a new document or open to edit an existing one. Highlight that line, which will serve as a reference point by clicking with the left mouse button on its ordinal position, or just position the cursor in the cell, which will be recorded line. Keep in mind the fact that she selected row (or cell) will not be recorded. Secured area located on the selection.
After marked string or cell reference, click the tab "View". On the toolbar under "Window" and click the arrow next to thumbnail "freeze panes". Opens the context menu, choose "freeze panes".
Please note that for the first row and the first column in the menu there is a separate team. If the string you wish to capture is the first, you can use the command "Secure the upper line". If in the future you'll need to return the document to the previous design, again open the "View" tab and click "freeze panes" command to "Remove the freeze panes".
To fixed line stood out in the document, you may want to change its color or to draw borders. This can be done in several ways. Highlight fixed row and click on the tab "Home". In the section "Font" press-thumbnail "fill Color" and "Border".
Another option: highlight the range and click on selection with the right mouse button. In the context menu select "Format cells". This will open a new dialog box. Move to the tab "Border" and "Fill" to adjust the desired settings. To confirm the new settings, click OK at the bottom of the window.