To protect the cell from entering invalid data, highlight the desired cell or a range. Go to the tab "Data". In the section "Working with data" click on the "Test data". Opens a new dialog box "input Validation".
Activate the tab "Settings" and set the type of data that is allowed to enter in the cellusing a drop-down list in the "check Condition". If necessary, set additional parameters which will be evaluated in the input cell values.
On the tabs "Message input" and "error Message" you can enter hints that allow users to understand what format you are allowed to add data into the cells and set the text to alert you to improper actions. After making all necessary changes click OK to the new settings took effect, the window "input Validation" will be closed automatically.
To protect against changes to cells, select the range and click the Home tab. In the section "the Cell" click on "Format". Another option: click the right mouse button in the selected cells and select the context menu "Format cells". This will open a new dialog box.
Go to the security tab and set the marker in the "Protected cell". Apply the new settings by pressing the OK button. Protection of cells will turn on only if you protect the whole sheet.
Sheet protection is enabled on the tab "Review". Click on it and click on the "Protect sheet" in the section "Changes". A new dialog box. Set markers next to those items that will fit.
If necessary, enter the password in the designated row and click OK. An additional window will appear, confirm it the password you just entered and click OK. Then when you try to edit a cell the program will notify the user that it is protected from changes.