All table cells are protected by default. If you need to protect from changes in only one column, press Ctrl+A to select the whole range. Click any cell with the right mouse button to call context menu and select the option "Format cells". Go to the tab "security" and uncheck the item "cells".
Select the columnwhose data you want to protect. Call the drop-down menu, go to the tab "Protection" and put a check mark in the checkbox "Protected cell". Now protected cells only from this column. However, that protection is in force, you must protect the entire worksheet.
In the menu "Service" choose the command "Protect" and "Protect sheet". Under "Allow all users..." check the boxes for the actions that can be performed on the data. If you enter a password in the password field, then remove the protection, only those users who you provide this code.
You can access the change data in a certain range to any participant. In the menu "Service" choose "Protection" and "Allow users to edit ranges". In the dialog box hit "Create". In the Name field, enter the range name in the "Cell" range. For confirmation, click OK.
To protect a column in MS Excel 2007, select the entire range press Ctrl+A and select the command "Format cells" from the drop down menu. Go to the tab "Protection" and uncheck the item "cells".
Check the desired column and put the flag in the checkbox "Protected cell". In the menu "Review" select "Protect sheet".
In Excel 97, if you select "Protect sheet" in the menu "Service" you can only protect worksheet contents, objects and scenarios. To allow modification of the data in the column, choose "Protect workbook and share".
In the dialog box, check the box next to "Shared patches". After this it will be active the "Password" field. To make changes can users you the password said.