You will need
  • computer;
  • - program Microsoft Excel.
Perform the split or freeze panes sheet to get the opportunity to view two panes or lock rows or columns of one of them. When docked Windows can be selected individual columns or rows that will be displayed on the screen at the time of the scroll sheet.
For example, you can fasten the field sheet, leaving on the screen only the row and column headers. When you split the window, in this case the creation of separate regions that can scroll independently from each other, and then the inactive pane will remain on the screen.
Highlight the row on the sheet, under which to run the separation sheet. This action will consolidate the selected line on the screen. To block the lines and columns, click the cell to the right and below which you want to divide the sheet.
Go to the mode tab, then in the function group Window click the "freeze panes", then select the desired option. Similarly, you can remove the pinning rows and columns. This command is designed to consolidate selected areas in Microsoft Excel 2007 and later.
Do the freeze panes in Microsoft Excel earlier versions. To do this, open the desired spreadsheet, select the rowyou want to freeze. Then go to menu "Window". Select "freeze panes".
To lock the field and to split the window into multiple parts, place the mouse pointer on the scroll bar next to the line to change it to a bidirectional arrow. Drag the splitter down to the required position. This will allow you to view two parts of a spreadsheet and to fix a few lines in different parts of the document.