Call the main system menu by pressing the "start" button and click "All programs." Open link in Microsoft Office and run the Excel application. Open to edit the workbook application.
An absolute reference in a table formulas is used to specify fixed ' cells. When performing operations of moving or copying absolute references remain unchanged. By default, when you create a new formula uses a relative reference, which can be changed.
You want to consolidate ' link in the formula bar and press the function key F4. This action will result in a dollar sign ($) before the selected link. The address for this link will be recorded and the line number, and column letter.
Press the function key F4 for fixing only the row address of the selected cell. This will lead to the fact that when pulling formulas line will remain unchanged, and the column will move.
Next press the function key F4 will change the cell address. Now there will be a column and the row will move when you move or copy the selected cell.
Another way to create absolute cell references in Excel can serve as the operation of fixing the links manually. To do this, with the introduction of the formula you want to print a dollar sign before the column letter and repeat the same action before the line number. This will lead to the fact that both of these parameters ' of the selected cell will be fixed and will not change when you move or copy the cell.
Save changes and quit Excel.