Click "start" to bring up the main menu of the Windows OS and navigate to "All programs" for the procedure to add the row to the selected table in Excel.
Expand Microsoft Office and run the Excel application.
Open to edit the document and press Tab in the last cell of the bottom row of the table in order to add an empty line at the end of the selected table.
Enter the required value in the cell immediately below the selected table to add a row or drag the size indicator in the lower right corner of the table down in order to add the line with the mouse.
Select subject to add one or more rows of a table row under the desired month embed and expand the menu "Boxes" the top toolbar of the Excel application window.
Go to the Home tab of the resulting window and click "Paste" by clicking the arrow in the selected field.
Select the desired command:- "Insert table row above";- "Insert table row below"or open the context menu to include rows click the right mouse button to implement the alternative procedure edit.
Specify the Insert command and select the actions drop-down menu. Another way to accomplish a desired operation is to use the context menu of one of the cells you want to edit line invoked by right mouse click, and go to "Paste".
Use the function key Ctrl to select nonadjacent rows of the selected table to be edited, and open the menu "Boxes" the top toolbar of the Excel application window.
Click on the "start page" dialog box and select the Paste command.
Expand the drop-down menu selected dalaga by clicking on the arrow and select "Insert sheet" to add non-contiguous rows in Excel spreadsheet.