Open a Microsoft Excel document with a table that require to hide some rows. Or create such a table, opening a new book in the program.
Scroll to these lines. Click with the left mouse button on the first of them and, without releasing the button, drag the selection to the last stitch. For example, it may be the first three lines of the ten.
Then right click on the highlighted area and select in the context menu of the tab "Hide". After these steps, the selected row will disappear and the table will begin with the fourth line.
To hide lines and other method. Highlight of them, go to main menu tab "Format" and move your cursor on the words "Hide or show". In the context menu select "Hide rows".
To mark the place, with hidden lines in their rooms, now don't go in order. Is the first three digits is the number "4".
To bring back the hidden rows, select the same way neighboring lines. In this case, it will be one – fourth. Just right-click and select "Display". Lines will appear again.
Similarly in Excel, you can hide not only rows but also columns. Notice the hidden columns will help letters at the top and which is the name of the columns. Once hidden, they will appear not in alphabetical order.
If the hidden rows are many and they are located in different places of a table, you can display them all at once. This fully select the table, open the context menu and select "Display".
Thanks to such actions in Excel can not only greatly facilitate the work on data processing on large tables, but print out not the whole table, and certain information. Hidden places is just not printed.