To avoid becoming a victim of fraud and then not knocking on the doors of the police which will shrug, be careful initially. Connect the service of SMS alert about withdrawal of funds from the customer's Bank card. So you will be aware if suddenly the attackers will cash out the funds on the card or make a purchase in the store.
Do not reveal the card's pin, even to Bank employees. Do not write it down on a piece of paper and store at home. Learn it.
Anyone do not give your card to copy. When going to buy something in the store, ask the cashier to make the payment under your control.
Never buy things at questionable online stores. The fact is that when you pay, you enter your card information to the server, thereby giving fraudsters the opportunity to calculate the pin code. Order the goods in web stores, where payment is made either via e-wallets or cash. Install a powerful antivirus program before you buy online check your computer for viruses.
If you have accumulated a large sum of money, do not store them on the map. It is better to open the contribution to Bank and transfer money there.
If you received an SMS alert about withdrawal of money from your Bank card, and you are not used it is the handiwork of fraudsters. Immediately call the Bank (after find out the hotline number) and lock the card. Wind up the credit institution. Write on it the statement that your card was charged of illegal cash. Demand compensation of losses. Will not hurt if you also go to the police and ask them to look into this matter.
The Bank is obliged to conduct its own investigation. Be prepared for the fact that this procedure takes somewhere between one and two months. If the Bank does not want to return stolen from you, contact the court. Often the owners of the stolen funds win the case in court.