Call the customer service of the Bank. Do it as soon as you detect an error. In this case, if an error was made by you (the sender) when making the transfer of funds from one account or payment card for another account, you will need to write a statement about the refund of the amount that was erroneously deducted from your account. Then wait for the results of the check by the Bank.
Proceed with maximum speed, because the return of funds transferred by mistake can be effected by the Bank only until such time as they will not come at the expense of the recipient. In turn, once on account of an unknown recipient, the monies will automatically belong to him. Therefore, without the consent of the account holder, the money may not be subject to cancellation.
Please note, if the funds already credited to the beneficiary's account and he does not wish to return voluntarily at the call of a Bank, in this case, the Bank will offer you independently to resolve the issue concerning return of mistakenly transferred funds.
Contact the court. It's quite a long process, but in this case you should be able to recover their money. Another method of refund, simply no, if the recipient of mistakenly transferred funds simply refuses to return them. Because the Bank has no right to provide you with information about the recipient of your mistakenly transferred funds. Therefore, you simply will not be able to find it.
Write a statement to your return mistakenly listed funds. This is necessary if there is a disputed transaction and for this reason the transfer had not been credited to the sender account. It is considered a technical error by the Bank. After making the inspection and detection of errors the Bank will "re-wiring" and you will return the lost funds.