If you are an individual, with the receipt of "Sberbank" about payment please contact the branch where the payment was made a statement in the name of his Manager. In the statement, which is written in free form, specify the date of payment, the details of transfer and the amount, ask to cancel the payment. The statement do not forget to attach a copy of the receipt. You will have to pay the return operation, the Commission is 50 rubles. Usually the operation takes no more than 3-4 days.
If you undertake transactions on his / her account opened at any Bank, through the connected service "Internet-banking" system, previously consult with a specialist round-the-clock support service of your Bank whether they provide the ability to refund. It depends on the status of who has sent payment at the time of treatment.
Each Bank may have their own rules, but if the payment is already received the status "processed", most likely, you will still have to pay a fee for the refund. Will be free to cancel the payment with the status "sent", it means that its processing has not yet started. You will be asked to enter a verification code before it is activated the button "Withdraw". After clicking, the payment status will change to "new" and you can edit it or completely remove.
When working in the system "Client-Bank", which is used for communication with your Bank many companies, once the decision to recall payment was made, you must call your issuing Bank and inform the teller. Name your organization, the payment number and the amount.
Further actions depend on the software that supports the system "Client-Bank". In any case, you will need to confirm the withdrawal in writing. Send a letter to the Bank in the subject please write: "refund №... from ...". In the letter, state the request to withdraw the payment, and specify why it should be done. Save the letter, click the synchronization procedure, after which it will be sent to the Bank and will be moved to the appropriate folder.