You will need
  • Receipt for payment of communication services.
Don't throw away a receipt until the receipt of payment. This is the only confirmation of execution of payment. Turning in the operator's office with the request to return the money, you get a failure, although the staff will sincerely regret you.
The sooner you notice your mistake, the better. If you made payment more than 14 days before the treatment, the operator will be forced to refuse you. Therefore, check the number, not only on the bill if paying via cash (or a display terminal), and check. If the problem will be detected immediately, then it can be solved almost instantly.
In addition to a limitation period of payment, there are other requirements. If the check replaced more than three digits (for example, your room 89031234567, and the check 8983133559), refund will not be made. Similarly, if the room has been swapped more than four digits, a return is impossible.
If you make a mistake in the code (for example, you have to have an operator "Beeline" 906, and a receipt number MTS 916), should apply to the interior of the operator who got the money. In the proposed scenario, this salon MTS. So no offense to employees of the office of "Beeline", if in this case they will refuse to service – they have no access to the funds you have sent.
When you replace a payment to show a passport is optional. Don't even care, do you own that number, the account which you put money. You should submit a statement of the erroneous payment and attach receipt (salon employee will make a copy and the original will be returned to you). The refund happens on the procedure within 14 days, however in practice it is faster (within a day or two).
Continue to be careful. Check that you have the correct mandatory, especially if you Deposit a large sum.