The issue of such letters may need to individuals and businesses in the case of disputed payments. The scheme of the letter in such cases is unchanged, with minor adjustments appropriate to the circumstances. Prepare documents confirming crediting opponents of these amounts (for organizations), receipt on payment (for individuals).
Take the corporate form of organization, intended for correspondence with external organizations, including all details. If it's not, you can put a corner seal or fill in the details manually. Place them in the upper right corner of the sheet, immediately after filling up the details of the addressee.
This letter is always written on the name of the first leader of the enterprise, therefore, start with the word "Director" (boss, Manager, etc.). Next, specify the name of the organization and the official name. Please note that a private person, in part, for placement of details of the sender, you will need to provide your own name, name and patronymic, place of residence, phone number or e-mail.
The content of the letters begin with the phrase "Please return". Next, tell the details of the case "erroneously listed" and enter the amount to be refunded. Check the contract (number and date of conclusion), in accordance with which was carried out payment. Give the document confirming the completion of payment (receipt, payment order, etc.).
Do not forget to accompany letter reconciliation act, which is a must-have app. Write about it in the section "Application". At the end of the letters take the place for the signature of the head of your enterprise and the chief accountant. Let them post and decipher the signature in parentheses. Specify the date of the document and leave space for printing.