Let's say you transferred money from your account via ATM. After entering all the data suddenly discover an error in the Bank account of the recipient. In this case, immediately call the call center, his phone number you can see on the ATM. Explain the whole situation and ask them not to hold the payment.
Then go to the Bank. Here you should write a letter to the head of Department. In the document specify the date and amount of payment, and the address of the ATM. Attach to the application a copy of the receipt. If payment has not managed to escape, you will return the money within 30 days.
But what to do if a payment is posted and the recipient does not want to return them back? In this case, you should go to court. Write a claim and attach your receipt. If the decision is in your favor, the recipient will be required to return the funds back.
If you are a legal entity, return listed the amount of different ways. Let's say you gave the operator the payment order. After that you call the company and said that his banking details have changed. In this case, you should call your Bank. If the payment is not made, maybe the operator just did not make.
But if the payment is posted to non-existent details, rest assured that the money will be back within 10 days. If you want to speed up the process, write the application addressed to the head of the Department of corporate services.
Can occur a different situation. Let's say you transferred a certain amount to the wrong vendor. In this case, you can contact the Manager of that company and ask them to return the erroneous translation, in the payment order accountant should indicate in the basis of the fact that that amount is a refund.