For example, in a payment order was a mistake – specify the other Bank account of the recipient. It actually exists, belongs to a very specific legal entity, your payment was not for him. This sometimes happens at the big congestion of the accounting Department. How to be in a similar situation?
Send an official letter to the head of this organisation or the chief accountant. Briefly explain the situation and ask them to return to your account erroneously transferred amount. The letter must be signed by the head of the organisation-payer and certified by the seal. It is necessary to attach a photocopy of the payment order which the Bank transferred the money.
In most cases, the money back pretty quickly. If for some reason the company's management, where they have been wrongly translated, delays the return, should be warned that you go to court, demanding more and paying interest on borrowed money. As a rule, after this issue is resolved without delay.
Can happen: due to an error in the payment order specified account, which does not exist (for example, mixed up the order of numbers). In this case, the head or chief accountant of the enterprise must apply to the Bank with a written request to revoke this payment order. Because every banking transaction is charged a percentage (Commission), will be conducted an internal test to determine whose fault a mistake. If you find that error in the payment order made by the accounting officer of the organisation-payer, the Commission will remain with the Bank and if wrong Bank statement, the Commission will return to the payer.