You will need
  • - receipt or payment order;
  • - the passport.
To return the erroneously transferred money to the account, contact the merchant banking Department. If you currently have a payment order with the Bank stamp and receipt of payment.
If you are a legal person, other than a payment order, provide a letter with a request to return a mistaken translation. Apply on company's letterhead addressed to the head of the Department, are required to specify the order number, document date and amount of the transfer. At the end of the email that a copy of the document attached.
If you notice an error immediately after I gave the documents for translation. In this case, immediately call the operator, it is possible that your document has not been posted yet and the money is not listed.
If you have sent money to the wrong vendor, you can ask him to return the translation. To do this, make a letter to that organization. In the payment order, the accountant of the company should write "the Return of erroneously transferred funds via payment order №__ of__".
There are cases where a counterparty refuses for any reason to return these funds. In this case you need to sue in court. Attach to the application a statement from the RAcounting of the account, the payment order and the account to which you paid.
If you are a natural person, to return the amount to the account, contact the Bank. The representative will offer to write you a statement of a standard form, fill pattern you can see in the banking Department. Don't forget to take a receipt, as in the form you will need to enter the number of the supporting document and the date.