When making each transaction use the service of additional protection of your funds. For every transfer, assign special security code of four digits. Make a note of it. Then select the period during which the code will operate. Send payment and notify the code to the recipient. He will have to enter it correctly before the expiration of your chosen term. Otherwise, all sent the amount back to your account. This system will help you protect against erroneous sending money. However, it can be used in all cases, for example, difficulties can cause such a payment to the online store.
If you have not specified a security code, and the translation went on another purse, try to contact the recipient and explain the situation. In some cases it can help to return the money. You can also contact the technical support site. The chance that your money back, but if, for example, incorrect upload that was not your carelessness, and the problem is in the system.
When confronted with the fraud, contact the police. In this case, the customer service Yandex.The money will be able to provide proof of your funds transfer. The method of finding fraud and their liability is similar in standard, and Internet crimes. If cheaters will find, and their guilt is proven, you can obtain your money back if they are not to be spent.