Call the customer service of the Bank. This pull is not necessary, therefore as soon as you find an error, immediately call the Bank. In this case, if the mistake was made by you (the sender), the transfer of funds from one payment card to another, you will need to write a letter to the Bank about the refund of the amount wrongly debited funds and then wait for the results of its inspection. We must act quickly, because the return of erroneously transferred funds may be made by the Bank only until the moment they arrive to the recipient's account. Because, once to the card account of an unknown recipient, the funds will automatically be owned by him. That is why, without the consent of the owner of the card account, the money will not be written off.
Please note that if the transfer has already been credited to the beneficiary's account, and he voluntarily does not want to return the call of a Bank, then the Bank will offer you to settle the issue of return of erroneously transferred funds. In this case, you should go to court. This is a long process, but you will be able to reclaim the money. Another method of repayment in this case is simply no, because the Bank is not entitled to give any information about its customers. That is why you will not be able to find your recipient of mistakenly transferred funds.
In turn, if there is a disputed transaction and the translation was credited to the sender account, it will be considered a technical error by the Bank. In this case, you too will need to write a statement about the return of erroneously transferred funds. After making checks on the customer's application the Bank will produce "re-wiring" and thus return money to the sender or enroll them to their destination.