There are many ways to find a person by home phone number. Among them are completely legal, and very dubious from the point of view of the law. What use is your choice. Do not forget that some methods of stealing information, bribing officials - can result in administrative and even criminal liability.
If you have sufficient funds, charge search of an old friend of professionals. Hire a private investigator. Home phone number - this is also information, and experts may find a person according to this. Of course, if it really experts. So be very careful when charging the search of a detective Agency. Find reviews on the work of such agencies is not difficult.
If you are confident in your own abilities, keep looking for one myself. Find a person you can use some search sites online. Among them there are both free and paid resources. The disadvantage of this method is that the search sites usually contain information about addresses and phones of residents of major cities.
Use the phone book of that city, the location of your lost buddy, or call the help Desk on a single number 099. The Handbook can be purchased in the network "Rospechat" or in a bookstore. There is an electronic version of the phonebook, but not for all Russian cities.
Knowing home phone number, you can see the street and house number of the owner-occupied accommodation. With this information, you can interview neighbors and find out the exact address of the person.
Call your existing phone number. If the answer is the one you want, or his family - the search is over. Maybe you'll meet people who have information about your friends. This can be, for example, the new owners of the apartment. Often, people leave information about themselves for just such occasions. It is possible, you will be given a new phone number or exact address of your lost friend.