You will need
  • Utility Phoenix.
Key entry in the BIOSmenu you need to press play immediately after turning on the laptop, as soon as the initial screen. It's about two, three seconds, until starts to load the operating system. If not meet, you will have to restart the computer.
For many models laptops Acer to enter the BIOS press the Esc key, a little less - Del. Also, there are times when you need to press multiple keys. Often found combination Ctrl+Alt+Esc on older models, you can try to use Ctrl+Alt+S. If you take a series of F-keys, the most used F1 or F2.
If these shortcuts did not help you, try reading through the manual to the laptop. There should be a list of keys to enter different modes laptop. If you have no instructions, you can visit the website of the manufacturer of the portable device and download it from there or view directly on the website.
If you cannot find the correct key combination, it is possible to do otherwise. Go into the BIOS right from the desktop. There are many different utilities for this. And you can not only enter, but also to change the required settings and they will be saved.
Download from the Internet a little tool called the Phoenix and is completely free. Unpack the archive to any folder. After that, you will have several files, including background information on the capabilities of utilities. To install the software.
In the list of unzipped files, find SETUP.COM. Click the right mouse button and in context menu select "Open". After that, you'll get access to BIOS settings menu. Work in the utility window is no different from working in the BIOS. After selecting all options, don't forget to save the settings.