Try first the most trivial way to access the BIOS settings. Start with selecting "Reboot" from the main menu of the operating system of your computer. When the OS is completed and the screen will be informational messages about the verification of computer hardware, press the key assigned to the command entry panel of the BIOS settings. In most cases it should be the Delete key or F2, but sometimes manufacturers include their imagination and compose the whole combination, e.g. Ctrl + Alt + Esc, Ctrl + Alt, Ctrl + Alt + Ins. The exact value for your version you can see in the information labels in the lower left corner of the screen - it will appear for a while after passing POST requests.
Open all from the settings panel in BIOS will not work - there are too many for one screen. So you have to choose one of the sections and to consider their groups, and sometimes even go into subsections, which can also contain nested sections.
If after pressing enter the panel on the screen you will be prompted to enter a password, do it. In the event of his absence will have to reset the settings of BIOS to factory defaults to reset your password. To do this, turn off the computer and unplug the power cord. Remove the case side panel and look on the motherboard a jumper, near which the inscription etched CLR_CMOS or CCMOS. After removing from the pins the jumper and moving it to a different position, and you reset the password together with all the BIOS settings. You can not touch the jumper and removed from the motherboard battery is "tablet", which should be placed close to this jumper. Pull it from the slot and in about 10 minutes reinstall.
If in the basic system of input/output of the computer is locked up and you want to remove the lock, consider the ratio of potential benefits and losses. First, this operation requires specific skills, and second, it is possible that these settings are locked because the installed version of the motherboard is designed only for fixed - unregulated - the values of these parameters. These two risk factors can lead to failure of the CPU, memory chips or motherboard chipset.
Use the software from the manufacturer installed in the computer BIOS, if you decide to still unlock is not available settings. With it, you need to make changes to the source code ("patching"), made a copy and then replace the original version of the upgraded ("upgraded"). Desired programs and their descriptions is best to look on the manufacturers ' websites on the Internet. Can help with determining which version is installed, and finding the right editors for her applets installed on site