However, it may happen that after installing new devices or programs, Windows not loading. In this case, using additional modes of loading, including, "Safe mode with command prompt".
Restart the computer and press F8 after the initial survey of the "iron" program POST (self test devices). A signal test was successful, you will be one short "beep", if the speaker connected to the motherboard. The system will offer you a selection of boot options. Control keys "Up" and "Down" select the desired item and press Enter.
The command line provides direct communication between the user and the operating system, bypassing the window interface of Windows. Enter the command systeminfo to get information about the system and network connections of the computer.
If problems downloading Windows occurred due to file system errors, to restore it you can use the command chkdsk c: /f /r where c: is the name of the system disk. /F fixes errors, /r marks any bad sectors and recovers readable.
To check only the file system, use the command chkntfs c: to get the full list, type help.
The keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V don't work in the command line. If you need to copy part of the code, and paste it to another location, click the right mouse button on the blue field at the top of the console window and select "Edit", then "Mark".
The mouse will select the text and select "Copy". Then in the right window, right click and select "Paste". To re-execute any command, select it using keys "Up" and "Down" and press Enter.