Usually first start up of the laptop is still in the store, while checking a purchase. Knowledgeable seller will show you how to turn on the device, and will perform all the necessary for the first run steps. If this did not happen, and here is a box with just bought a laptop to work with him will have to learn on their own.
Remove the laptop from its packaging, remove the protective film. Insert the battery into the battery compartment on the underside of the device, connect the power cord and plug it into the network. On the notebook, usually the left, should turn on the light is orange, signaling the start of battery charging. If the battery is charged, the indicator will be blue.
Raise the laptop screen, if you haven't already. Connect the mouse to any USB port to work with it easier than with the touchpad (touch panel). Then locate the power button, it is located directly under the screen. As a rule, the Central button to the left and right of it can be the power button of the touchpad and Wi-Fi.
Press the power button. Lights up the second (blue) indicator light, the power button is highlighted. The screen will run the first line check the configuration of your computer, then the screensaver appears bootable OS. Usually on most laptops comes pre-installed with Windows 7.
The first boot process may appear several Windows in which you will need to enter some information. For example, the name by which you will work on a laptop, your preferred language (select Russian), time zone etc. All these steps are simple and straightforward and will hardly cause any difficulties.
In the absence of the mouse or use the touchpad. To check, swipe your finger across the touchpad, the cursor should move. If he's not responding, the touchpad is disabled. To enable it click the button next to the power button on it or there might be hand drawn, concerning the touchpad. In the open position, the button of the touchpad can be illuminated orange indicator. After entering all the data the system will save them, you will see Windows 7 desktop. The laptop is ready to work.