You will need
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to restore the factory settings.
If you do not know about the existence of this hidden drive and want to use it on purpose, can use special keyboard shortcuts. For proper use of system restore feature and application programs need to know these shortcuts. The so-called hot keys you need to press during boot of the computer, i.e. at the time when the operating system fails and cannot boot. When you click on hotkeys you get into the recovery menu to factory settings.
Every laptop manufacturer has developed its system restore settings, respectively, hotkeys will have differences. Below is the list of hot keys of the main manufacturers of laptops:

- Samsung – press F4;

- Fujitsu Siemens – press F8;

- Toshiba - press F8;

Asus - tap the F9;

- Sony VAIO - press F10;

- Packard Bell - press F10;

- HP Pavilion - press F11;

- LG - hit F11;

- Lenovo ThinkPad - hit F11;

Acer – BIOS enable Disk-to-Disk (D2D), then press Alt+F10;

- Dell (Inspiron) – press Ctrl+F11
Laptop manufacturers are assured that the system you will be able to recover and the integrity of important files or folders is unlikely. So, don't forget to make frequent copies of your files on removable media: CD/DVDs, flash media, etc.