You will need
  • - soft sponge;
  • - toothpaste or Polish.
When washing the stainless steel cookware you can't use metal sponges, caustic cleaners or maskoobraznoe and alkali detergents. This leads to the fact that the new and shiny surface of pots and pans will get scratched.
Prior to use, this cookware be sure to rinse with hot water and dry well. Wash items stainless steel do not use a dishwasher. If things appeared scratches, then replace the detergent. When cleaning glassware do not take the funds that contain ammonia and chlorine.
Knives better to wash it immediately after use, as once dry they are difficult to clean. Better brush your items with the help of special tools that are designed to care for such things. If you use them all the time, then utensils made of stainless steel will always look like new.
Clean the items to be able to see the scratches. Wash the cookware cleanser and Pat it dry with a soft cloth only do not RUB. Inspect it from all sides under good lighting.
To eliminate scratches with items you need to gently Polish the protective coating, using a soft cloth and a small amount of white toothpaste or a Polish. Don't take the rag that you cleaned the dishes, as some remnants of dirt can get stuck in the fibers, the result of which may be new scratches.
Apply a small amount of toothpaste or polishing compound on a cotton swab. If you take a lot of stuff, Polish the items will be more difficult. RUB the scratch, not putting the extra effort, until, until it disappears. Make the move away from the center of the cookware to the edge. The scratches can be best when polished along their length. Then clean the items with a clean cloth to remove any Polish, let it dry. Then re-apply the product to fill minor irregularities.