You will need
  • - polishing compound;
  • polishing tape;
  • - adjustable disk machine.
Prepare the knife for polishing. It is desirable to remove the blade from the handle, but you can just wrap the handle in cloth or masking tape to prevent damage to weapons.
To begin processing of the blade must be well posolennoy tape high grit (240 to 320 units) using a special polishing compound. The initial stage of polishing can continue on a polishing disk, however speed in this case should not exceed 1750 rpm. As the polishing mixture is best to use a very common fluid-based adhesive SF 300. The initial stage of polishing is completed when the blade appears smooth and uniform pattern of scratches.
Then a polishing kit you need to change the composition of the medium type. In this step, the main thing – do not overdo it. As a rule, quite a few times to walk on both sides of the blade in the direction from the butt to the cutting edge. For this stage it is recommended to use the so-called "average" polishing composition RCH Green Chrome. At the end of this stage the knife should not be scratches, and the blade appears dull luster.
Final polishing is carried out on a grinding machine using the circle from the stitched gauze, rotary still at a speed of 1750 rpm. The circle is pre-thin layer of polishing ointment. Polishing should be applied to the circle several times until the blade of the knife will be coated with a thin layer of the hardened composition.